Gauntlet Analytics Dashboard for the Aave Community

As part of Gauntlet’s parameter recommendation process, our platform ingests large sums of on-chain data, including account balances, price, asset correlations, and liquidity. These data form the basis for our risk simulations and analysis. We have received feedback that the Aave community would benefit from more market insight into trends and insights that factor into our recommendations.

To that end, we have launched a new dashboard with summary graphs based on the last 3 months of data, which our platform utilizes when evaluating parameter recommendations from our simulation outputs. These dashboards are in addition to our existing Risk Dashboard.

The Dashboard is organized in the following sections:

  1. Composition, Usage, Collateral

    Objective: Describe protocol user activity over time to identify trends.

    Key data points include borrows/supplies by asset, relative interest in assets (are users starting to favor certain assets over others), as well as user acquisition and retention statistics.

  2. Asset Metrics

    Objective: Describe asset performance; identify assets over and underperforming the market.

    Key data points include a rolling 3-month return by asset as well as a time series (using daily price changes).

  3. User Concentration

    Objective: Uncover assets that have outsized concentration risk, as these could result in a liquidity crunch for the protocol. Our platform analyzes these accounts to determine whether any exhibit excessive behavior worth highlighting to the protocol.

    Key data points include supply/borrow concentrations of the top 1% of accounts, balances by asset for the top 5 accounts (as some assets have too few accounts to show meaningful percentiles), and asset composition of the top 10 accounts.

  4. Liquidations and Repayment

    Objective: Visualize liquidator behavior, which is a core agent we simulate. These graphs show the realized liquidations in the protocol, which we compare internally to our simulations to fine-tune our models constantly.

    Key data points include liquidation volume (USD) and counts by asset, as well as repayment statistics.

We are releasing this Dashboard in Beta. Gauntlet is continuing to build functionality and ensure data quality.

We welcome any feedback - please contact us at

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