Gauntlet Whale User Updates and Analysis (Jan 2023)

Whale Liquidation (2023-01-23)

Gauntlet would like to notify the Aave community of a $697k liquidation on Aave V2. The account was using collateral of DAI/USDC to borrow CRV.

In particular, no insolvency occurred from this liquidation event.

Here is the transaction on Etherscan.


Large Position Near Liquidation (2023-01-24)

We want to notify the community of a large whale position near liquidation. This user has a health factor of 1.03 with an outstanding borrow position of $17.4M. We are continuing to monitor, but wanted to share this information about the user:

  • Borrow Usage:

  • User has updated their position over time. Decreasing their USDC holdings since Jan 13th.

  • Gauntlet has no concerns about liquidation or insolvencies from this account at this time. Market price slippage for the amount of 6000 stETH is less than 1 percent.

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This contract address has no previous liquidations and good credit score (4). However, the current health factor of 1.02 certainly puts that at risk.

Address 0x60ee8465dc43245c6c2989b1089e476d3a0a717d Analytics:

{‘CreditScore’: 4, ‘Address’: ‘0x60ee8465dc43245c6c2989b1089e476d3a0a717d’, ‘features’: {‘count_borrow’: 121, ‘total_borrow’: 51089837.43871259, ‘total_repay’: 36149046.10887574, ‘count_repay’: 44, ‘count_liquidation’: 0, ‘total_liquidation’: 0, ‘days_since_first_borrow’: 315, ‘count_deposit’: 194, ‘total_redeem’: 61433633.05821087}

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