Governance Weekly Recap [2024]

Update for the Week of February 26,2024

Aave Community delegate survey

The Aave Delegate Survey, conducted by Boardroom, seeks to understand the needs and preferences of Aave delegates to enhance governance practices and support Aave’s development in the DeFi space. The survey is open until March 10th and emphasizes the importance of delegate feedback in shaping Aave’s future and the broader DeFi ecosystem.

Aave Support Collective

The proposal aims to form an “Aave Support Collective” to decentralize support in the Aave ecosystem, enhancing service quality and community engagement by leveraging collective expertise. This initiative seeks to improve responsiveness and effectiveness across support channels, fostering a more involved and informed community. For a detailed overview, you can view the full proposal on the Aave governance forum.

Stablecoin Harmonization and Asset Parameters Optimization

The proposal focuses on optimizing Aave’s stablecoin strategy by primarily using USDT and USDC as collateral, setting LTV to zero for less popular stablecoins and assets to reduce risk and align with market demands. It suggests adjustments to reserve factors and proposes offboarding certain stablecoins and assets lacking traction. The aim is to enhance protocol revenue and security.

Aave Liquidity Committee Funding 3

The proposal seeks to fund the Aave Liquidity Committee with 500k GHO for three months to support GHO liquidity and DeFi integrations. This follows successful liquidity enhancements across various DEXes and efforts to maintain GHO’s peg. The initiative includes specific budget allocations for liquidity peg resilience and creating utility through DeFi integrations, with performance indicators to track progress.

Aave <> Bored Ghosts Phase 2 Recap

The post is a recap of the 6-month engagement between Aave and BGD Labs, focusing on technical services and improvements across the Aave ecosystem. It covers security enhancements, Aave v3 development, governance updates, and support for DeFi integrations, with a focus on ensuring stability, expanding network support, and improving governance mechanisms.

New Risk Steward Signer

Following Gauntlet’s departure from Aave, the community discusses appointing a new risk steward signer, considering either a temporary assignment or waiting for a permanent solution. The community aims to ensure continued guidance and risk management in the Aave ecosystem during this transition.