Governance Weekly Recap

Week of June 5, 2023

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  1. ICYMI: Aave Companies posted a request for comment that proposes to launch GHO, “an Aave native stablecoin.” If approved through the usual process by the Aave DAO, GHO will become live on Ethereum mainnet.
  2. The Risk Stewards — Chaos Labs and Gauntlet — remain quite active in their use of the streamlined process recently approved by governance — while upholding standards.


Aave Improvement Proposals (AIPs):

  • Polygon Supply Cap Update (241). Ends on June 14.
  • Add LUSD to Arbitrum Aave V3 (240). Failed to reach quorum.
  • Deprecate Aave V2 AMM Market (239). Executed on June 12.
  • Update Mai Token implementations, unpause & enable flashloanable (238). Executed on June 11.
  • BUSD Offboarding Plan Part II (237). Executed on June 9.

On Snapshot:

  • [ARFC] Add USDP to Aave V3 Ethereum. Ended on June 11 with 53.7% voting YAE.
  • [ARFC] Add GUSD to Aave V3 Ethereum. Ended on June 11 with 99.78% voting YAE.
  • [ARFC] Add ARB to Arbitrum Aave v3. Ended on June 9 with 86.92% voting YAE.
  • [TEMP CHECK] Aave V3 Deployment on Base. Ended on June 9 with 84.2% voting YAE.
  • [ARFC] Polygon v3 Supply Cap Update 2023.05.21. Ended on June 8 with 82.73% Voting YAE.

Active Aave Requests for Comment (ARFC):

  • [ARFC] Add native USDC to the Arbitrum V3 pool
  • [ARFC] Increase wstETH supply cap on Optimism
  • [ARFC] Emode Risk Parameters Aave ETH V3 Pool Update
  • [ARFC] Use Risk Stewards to Increase wstETH Supply Cap
  • [ARFC] - Risk Stewards - Increase Borrow Cap WETH Arbitrum
  • [ARFC] Gas Rebate for Recognized Delegates
  • [ARFC] USDT Risk Parameters Update Aave V3 ETH Pool
  • [ARFC] GHO Mainnet Launch
  • [ARC] Add SUSHI to Aave V3 on Mainnet


  • [TEMP CHECK] Allocating part of GHO Revenue to Safety Incentives
  • [TEMP CHECK] Integrating MakerDAO’s DSR into Aave V3 Ethereum Pool
  • [TEMP CHECK] Aave | Flipside Proposal
  • [TEMP CHECK] Freeze MAI from Aave

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