Aave Weekly: Protocol Metrics & Governance Update

Hi Aave community! Messari is excited to work in conjunction with the Aave Grants DAO to revive and build off of the discontinued Aave Weekly report. We will use this thread to post weekly updates outlining liquidity and usage metrics, governance events and other insights.

We’d love to hear your feedback and what you’d like to see included in future reports!


Link to full PDF: Aave Weekly Aug. 29 - Sept. 4


Amazing work guys, could we just make the doc bigger next time?

Sure thing!

Do you mean the image (screenshot) we’ve attached or the PDF in the link?

I’ve re-positioned/renamed the PDF link for clarity.

Unfortunately we can’t do much about the image/screenshot itself.

Yeah, I was talking about the screenshot; Didn’t see there was a PDF, thanks for pointing it out

Link to full PDF: Aave Weekly Sept. 5 - Sept. 11

Link to full PDF: Aave Weekly Sept. 12 - Sept. 18

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Link to full PDF: Aave Weekly Sept. 19 - Sept. 25

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