Governance Weekly Recap

Weekly Update - July 10, 2023

:hourglass: Key Points

  • Over the past week, Aave passed 7 AIPs, 4 ARFCs, and 3 Temp Checks.

  • Several proposals are currently in discussion and expected to be introduced in the coming days.

:ballot_box: Proposals

Aave Improvement Proposals

On Snapshot

In discussion

:writing_hand: Forum Highlights

  • Gauntlet affirmed their parameter recommendations for deploying Aave v3 on BNB chain.

  • Community members continued to discuss Aave private voting.

  • LBS Blockchain, Michigan Blockchain, Chaos Labs, and Gauntlet discussed the supply cap for wstETH on Ethereum and Arbitrum.

:crystal_ball: Upcoming Votes

  • There are no proposals in the queue.

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