[ARFC] Direct-to-AIP Framework

Title: [ARFC] Direct-to-AIP Framework
Author: Marc Zeller @marczeller - Aave-Chan Initiative
Date: 2023-07-05


This proposal suggests renaming the existing Cap Update Framework to “Direct-to-AIP Framework” and includes the addition of the emission manager role as part of this framework.


The motivation behind renaming the Cap Update Framework to “Direct-to-AIP Framework” is to allow for a more lightweight governance process for specific protocol actions. This new framework would be complementary to the general-purpose TEMP CHECK & ARFC framework and would present exceptions to this general framework.

The addition of the emission manager role to the Direct-to-AIP Framework is motivated by the belief that it’s unlikely the community will reject third-party subsidized liquidity mining programs. A lightweight governance process seems fit for this purpose.


The Direct-to-AIP Framework would function similarly to the existing Cap Update Framework, but with a broader scope. It would allow for specific protocol actions to bypass the TEMP CHECK & ARFC stages, going directly to the AIP stage with only an ARFC forum post publication requirement before AIP creation.

The direct-to-AIP Framework will allow the following protocol actions:

  • Freezing reserve on all pools on any protocol version
  • updating caps on all pools on V3 markets
  • Define new emission manager, on any token, on any market.

For cap changes or FreezeReserve() implementations the following conditions are necessary:

  • The proposal is provided by a risk service provider or has received feedback from at least one risk service provider team.
  • The proposed cap change is not greater than a 100% increase of the current cap or the implementation of a cap.
  • The cap is being decreased.
  • The AIP is implementing a FreezeReserve().

For other situations, the normal governance process is applicable.


The author of this proposal is not presenting it on behalf of any third party and is not compensated for creating this ARFC.

Next Steps

If consensus is reached on this ARFC, it will be escalated to the Snapshot stage. If the Snapshot outcome is YAE, this proposal will be considered canon, and the guidelines will be adopted.


Copyright and related rights waived via CC0.


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