Introducing - the modular gateway to DeFi

Dear members of the Aave community,

We are thrilled to introduce, an exciting merge of two Aave-backed projects, and It is a real excitement to showcase how AGD can spur cross-innovation between projects it supports.

Summary presents a modular approach to Decentralized Finance (DeFi). Acting as a gateway to DeFi, the platform offers a diverse range of modules known as “buckets”. These buckets represent distinct DeFi strategies that enable users to comprehend the associated returns and risks. Moreover, users can simulate these strategies across a multitude of scenarios created by the community.

Drawing from our extensive expertise gained through 18 months of dedicated work on our legacy projects, we are excited to bring cutting-edge risk models and open-source scenario simulation models specifically tailored for the DeFi ecosystem.


With our robust framework, we aim to enhance the understanding and accessibility of DeFi, ultimately driving its widespread adoption. We acknowledge the difficulties of accessing DeFi for beginners today. Our mission is to overcome these difficulties with advanced and intuitive tools tailored to the web3 world, unlocking opportunities in digital assets for a wide audience

As Aave-backed projects, we want to start by integrating the Aave protocol, while focusing on GHO and the OP ecosystem, as per AGD’s latest RFG.

The platform

We are currently adapting the UI from both of our legacy projects. The objective is to have an MVP by the end of September. In the meantime, we want to share some examples of the exciting use cases and benefits that offers:

  1. Centralized access to DeFi.
  2. Community-managed library of strategies (called “buckets”): create your own and share them with others.
  3. Enhance UX with an emphasis on simplifying the user flow through the utilization of AA/passkeys.
  4. Investment suitability and risk metrics based on financial engineering models and fitted to the user’s risk profile.
  5. Visualize investment potential: visualize the potential gains/losses of Aave positions over time and across various scenarios. Share your scenarios with the community.


The projection module and some of the financial engineering models users will be open-source from the start. Additionally, the objective is to gradually decentralize governance as Aave did.

Thank you

We would like to express our gratitude to the Aave Grants DAO program for their early support as we continue to develop As mentioned previously, we want to focus on the latest RFG. In particular, we can integrate GHO’s pools as the first module within our “buckets” framework to enhance GHO demand and utility. Additionally, we see potential for a similar integration with the OP ecosystem.

We highly value your feedback and comments regarding the progress we have made with and If you have any questions, please feel free to share them with us. We are here to provide answers and further information on our endeavors.

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Best regards,

Clement and Maxime @ Buckets

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