Introduction: GhoShare

Hi everyone!

We’d like to introduce GhoShare, an iOS app for managing and settling expenses, designed to tackle the traditional expense-splitting experience. GhoShare leverages the GHO token and credit delegation, token swapping and cross-network transactions.

This project was ideated over the last ~4 months, and the MVP was initially created for the LFGHO hackathon hosted by ETH Global, and won the 1st place prize for the Aave Payments and Chainlink tracks. Given our immensely positive feedback from Stani Kulechov and other judges, we decided to keep building in the Aave ecosystem.

Utility and Upcoming Features:

Here’s a breakdown of some existing GhoShare features:

  • Credit Delegation & Token Swapping: When creating expense groups, it enables users to provide liquidity through asset deposits like GHO into Aave, delegate credit lines to a specialised vault contract for expense handling, and facilitate smooth transactions using account abstraction and EIP 2612 permits, thereby reducing the need for capital lockup and enhancing repayment management.
  • User Onboarding & Financial Operations: combining account abstraction and EIP 4337 smart accounts for secure sign-up, FaceID for wallet creation, gasless transactions using Pimlico paymaster, Metamask SDK for signing in, Unlimit iOS SDK for fiat-to-crypto on-ramping, and Aave V3 integration for efficient GHO minting and collateral management.

The MVP of GhoShare was already developed with the key features listed in mind, and we’re planning to develop and publish the GhoShare iOS in the next coming months with one additional feature:

  • Workflow Systems & Automated Triggers: enabling a variety of automated financial actions like expense reconciliation, scheduled payments, conditional transactions, and dynamic expense splitting, tailored to individual financial situations and goals, thereby significantly enhancing user experience and financial management efficiency.

All of the features above will be integrated into the Swift-based iOS frontend and deployed to the Apple App Store in the coming months!

Future Expansion & Impact

GhoShare is not only an expense management tool; but also a gateway to DeFi, offering a unique solution to the Aave ecosystem. It caters to both crypto-savvy users and those new to cryptocurrencies, aiming to simplify shared financial management while promoting GHO’s utility.

Please feel free to reach out to either Jeevan[tg@jjjutla] or Artemiy[tg@amalyshau], and feel free to check out our LFGHO Submission[GhoShare | ETHGlobal] and our GitHub repository[GitHub - nkoorty/ghoshare: Submission for LFGHO Hackahton].


After sharing this post, @GhoShare proceeded through the grants process and was awarded a grant as announced in our latest governance update. We are looking forward to watching the progress and seeing the redesigned app.

Aave Grants is excited to continue supporting early teams building directly with GHO and/or integrating Aave. Let’s gho!

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