Introduction: Projection Finance - Aave v3 Simulation

Dear members of the Aave community,

We are thrilled to introduce Projection Finance, an innovative platform designed to optimize and maximize financial investments in DeFi and beyond. With the invaluable support of AAVE Grants, we are excited to bring this tool to the community.

Projection Finance offers a range of features and benefits:

  1. Visualize Investment Potential: Our platform enables users to visualize the potential gains of their investments on Aave over time. Through intuitive and user-friendly dashboards, you can:

    • Create price scenarios and assess the impact on your positions and health factor.
    • Make informed investment decisions.
  2. Understand Risks: We understand the importance of risk assessment in DeFi. Projection Finance helps you comprehend the risks of liquidation and capital loss by:

    • Simplifying complex concepts.
    • Enabling proactive management of your investments.
  3. Simulate Strategies: With our simulation mode, you can:

    • Test different strategies and actions using real data from smart contracts and various chains.
    • Experiment, fine-tune your approach, and make well-informed investment decisions.

Projection Finance Introduction @ Lenstube

We also want to highlight our simulation tool for Aave v3, which is an additional open-source module that does not require an account to create a simulation. We aim to integrate this module into our interface once it becomes reliable and well-received. Gathering feedback is crucial, and we encourage everyone to contribute by forking while respecting the license, which should not be used for commercial purposes :


In addition to the simulation tool, our main website,, offers the ability to create projections and simulations. We aim to combine these two aspects to obtain even more precise results. Soon, users will be able to:

  • Share projections and simulations.
  • Have public or private profiles.
  • Interconnect with other protocols to optimize monitoring, avoid liquidations, optimize portfolios, and anticipate future actions.

As we continue to develop Projection Finance, we express our gratitude to Aave Grants for their support. We will also integrate future Aave v3 markets and upcoming features, such as the GHO and additional pools.

We want to give the community time to appreciate what we have achieved, and based on the feedback and responses, we would like to publish a proposal in the future to obtain remuneration for six months. This will allow us to offer even more features that are useful for users and the protocol.

At Projection Finance, we aim to differentiate ourselves from other companies or DAOs that excel in simulations, risk management, monitoring, and proposals that can improve the situation. Our approach is user-centric, prioritizing:

  • Individual user position monitoring over protocol risk management, although both aspects are interconnected.
  • Raising awareness among users about domino effects, panic, and decision-making through automation and robo-advisors.

We believe that onboarding users into DeFi, given all the upheavals we have encountered, requires reassuring and educating users about financial management. This includes providing concrete explanations about:

  • The future of their funds over time.
  • The associated risks, potential gains or losses.
  • The events that trigger them.

Subsequently, we plan to develop decision-making tools based on each user’s preferences in an agnostic manner using AI. This will involve:

  • Utilizing historical data, all-time highs, event replication.
  • Considering the user’s profit and loss based on their historical records.

While we have numerous ideas in mind, we recognize that we can’t do everything at once. We intend to continue offering open-source modules while maintaining our main website with a private, non-open-source member area. However, we will utilize our modules to connect the two, allowing users the freedom to choose whether to use the module or our website.

Join us on this exciting journey and share your insights. Together, we can build

a platform that simplifies access to financial services while helping investors optimize their DeFi investments. Thank you for your ongoing support and involvement.

Stay updated with our latest news, features, and collaboration opportunities through the following links:


Simulation tool:





Best regards,

Maxime @ Projection Finance



This is a super interesting project, it’s great to have been able to make a part of it freely accessible and, most importantly, open source! Keep up the good work, it’s both interesting and useful.


:fire:NEW : You can now create and share a strategy or simulation. You can discover public simulations and choose whether yours is public or private.

Optimize your Aave positions with Projection Finance’s new simulation tool for v3!

:moneybag: Visualize your investment potential

:roller_coaster: Understand risks

:bulb: Simulate strategies

:open_hands: Give it a try now - it’s free, open source, and no registration is needed :open_hands: