July 2023 Financial Report

@Llamaxyz would like to present the July 2023 financial report to the community .

July 2023 Financial Report

Key takeaways:

  • Normalized revenue totaled $1.3m in July
    • July saw several large, offsetting inflows/outflows to the treasury, including:
    • $2m on the B-80BAL-20WETH purchase
    • $2.8m on the wsETH/rETH purchase
    • $6.1m - $4.8m = $1.3m normalized
  • Additionally, there were some large claims from service provider streams on the expense side during the month:
    • Certora claimed $0.5m USDC and $0.5m AAVE
    • Chaos Labs claimed $0.35m USDC and $0.5m AAVE
  • Total treasury holdings = $117.1m (67% AAVE)
  • Deposits = $8.2b

To view all of our reports, along with more data about Aave’s treasury and runway, please visit community.llama.xyz/aave


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