May 2023 Financial Report

@Llamaxyz would like to present the May 2023 financial report to the community .

May 23 Financial Report

Key takeaways

  • Revenue totaled $1.1m in May
  • Total treasury holdings = $120.2m (67% AAVE)
  • Deposits = $8.1b

To view all of our reports, along with more data about Aave’s treasury and runway, please visit


I’d like to bring to your attention that the Aave DAO has passed a proposal to engage with Certora, with the compensation of $1.89M aUSDC and 9958 AAVE tokens.

At the moment Certora’s vested balance is around $1M aUSDC, however at the moment the V2 collector contract (used for the vesting) holds only $621 aUSDC.

Is there a timeline to make extra funds available for vested streams?

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Hi @yuradmt - we are aware of this and are working on a proposal payload that we plan to share shortly with BGD for review.

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Great, we’re looking forward to this proposal. Can you share the expected timeline?

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The payload has been with BGD for review! As soon as they confirm, it will be live. We have informed Certora and others about this.

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Thanks for the update, appreciate it!

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