Karpatkey Delegate Platform

Voting Actions - January 8th – January 12th

Proposal: [TEMP CHECK] Launch Aave V3 on Kava EVM
Vote: YAE
Reasoning: Kava presents a good opportunity to gain exposure to the Cosmos ecosystem, and Kava’s commitment to seed liquidity for up to 50M Kava during the first year is significant.

Proposal: [TEMP CHECK] Add PYUSD to Aave v3 Ethereum Market
Vote: YAE
Reasoning: We support adding the PYUSD stablecoin to the Aave Ethereum V3 market. Its TVL is considerable (268 million), and Paxos will add liquidity on Aave for initial borrowing.

Proposal: [ARFC] Updated Aave Grants Continuation Proposal
Vote: YAE
Reasoning: We support the proposed areas of focus for involving the community by revamping the grants committee and taking steps to measure the impact of the grants better. We recognise that the operational costs of this proposal represent nearly 40% of the total AGD budget, with 30% of those costs residing in compensation. We encourage the provision of a numerically represented impact from this continued budget.

Proposal: [TEMP CHECK] GHO Stability Module Launch
Vote: Option A
Reasoning: We have chosen “Option A” because holding on to the parameters configuration until GHO is back at the target range lets Aave better manage the market uncertainty. It is a vote aligned with the risk service providers’ advice.

Proposal: [TEMP CHECK] Further Aave v1 deprecation strategy
Vote: For
Reasoning: We are continuing our support of the v1 deprecation strategy. We support this phased approach.

Proposal: [ARFC] Retroactive bug bounties proposal (pre-Immunefi)
Vote: For
Reasoning: Bug bounties are an essential tool in mitigating risks, attacks, or unexpected behaviours. We fully support these pre-authorised payment requests.

Proposal: [ARFC] Harmonize USDT Risk Parameters on Aave V3 Markets
Vote: YAE
Reasoning: Did not vote via V3 on-chain.

Proposal: Polygon V2 Reserve Factor Updates
Vote: ==Abstain. (Vote not case to due v3 configuration)
Reasoning: Shared authorship of this proposal.

Proposal: Chaos Labs Risk Parameter Updates - WBTC.e on V2 and V3 Avalanche
Vote: For (Vote not case to due v3 configuration)
Reasoning: We agree with the actions to promote user migration from wBTC.e on v2 and v3, as the Avalanche network is transitioning away from it. Freezing the assets does not let the supply increase, and changing the LT and LTV makes the asset sub-optimal for use as collateral, encouraging the users to withdraw it from the markets.

Proposal: Stablecoin IR Curves Updates
Vote: YAE (Vote not case to due v3 configuration)
Reasoning: We support the increase of the Interest Rate for stablecoins on all Aave deployments. As this makes borrowing more expensive, it can remove some borrowers from the market, reducing the market utilisation rate. Consequently, with it under the Uopt, it becomes more stable and predictable.

Proposal: [TEMP CHECK] Add ggAVAX to AAVE v3 on Avalanche
Vote: YAE
Reasoning: We support this TEMP CHECK to add a ggAVAX, an LST, on the Avalanche v3 market. This type of asset can bring volume to the market, and while we are interested in seeing the risk SP analysis, Aave can foster more diversity and increase its market share on Avax.

Proposal: [TEMP CHECK] Add sFRAX to Ethereum V3
Vote: YAE
Reasoning: Yield-generating assets such as sFRAX are a good addition to Aave as they generate borrowing opportunities for stables. We support this TEMP CHECK.