Karpatkey Delegate Platform

Voting Actions: September 4th – 8th

Proposal: [ARFC] Treasury Management - Replace AGD’s DAI Allowance with GHO Allowance
Vote: Yae
Reasoning: We support this proposal. As Aave Grants DAO’s (AGD) budget is significant and it is disbursed to a large number of grantees, we feel this is a great way to support GHO use from inside the Aave ecosystem.

Proposal: Reserve Factor Updates - Polygon Aave v2
Vote: Yae
Reasoning: We support this AIP as it continues AIP 284, which aims to promote the funds’ migration from Aave v2 to Aave v3. It increases the Reserve Factor (RF) for assets on Polygon v2 by 5%, up to a maximum of 99.99%, lowering the attractiveness of those markets.

Proposal: Sigma Prime Audit Budget Extension
Vote: Yae
Reasoning: We support this proposal following the same reasoning presented on the Temp Check, which can be found here