L2 Programmable Cashflows for Continuous Settlement

Does anyone else experience the frustration of having lightbulb moments for protocol improvements/additions, yet lack the current programming understanding/ability required?


Imagine your Matic liquidity rewards on the Aave Polygon market being programmed to automatically be distributed throughout the crypto ecosystem as you so desire, in real-time.

You could flow your rewards into:

  • your current collateral positions on Aave by programming swap & deposits with selectable percentages (e.g. swap Matic for 50/50 BTC/ETH and add to current positions)
  • paying off loans - on or off Aave
  • a pool that is used for grants to fund devs for protocol improvements or charities (donors get APY & rewards - recipients are funded with pool credit delegation)

The possibilities are endless

It was one of those moments you have an idea, then the next day you run into a possible solution that is already underway

Have any devs here in the community checked out Superfluid?

Would love to see what ideas devs can come up with by integrating this type of system into the Aave protocol - please let me know your thoughts in the comments

This type of seamless efficiency in payment processing makes me realise how very early we all are in this space, and where we’re headed :slight_smile:


Hey @shane :wave:t2:
Fran from Superfluid here. Making my first post in this forum even though I’ve been a long time AAVE fan :slight_smile:

We would love to integrate with AAVE in some way. Streaming liquidity mining rewards is something we are working on with another project. Could be cool to integrate this in future iterations of AAVE LM rewards!

Paying off loans using superfluid streams would be insane :exploding_head:

There’s a hackathon project that’s currently exploring an AAVE + Superfluid integration. Let’s see how far they get!

Ultimately, I’d love to see the AAVE Treasury giving out streaming grants, or even hiring people directly to work for the DAO, and paying them in streams!

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That’s fantastic news, Fran :slight_smile: can’t wait to see all the Superfluid developments unfold, especially with Aave!