Listing Proposal: Add UMA as collateral on Aave

@Alex_BertoG the risk assessment has been added! Let me know if you need anything else and what the next steps are.

Shoutout to our community member Graud for completing the risk assessment!


@Alex_BertoG can you advise on next steps for this proposal?

Thanks @tommy1

As described in the asset listing guide next step would be the parameter suggestion and snapshot to gather community sentiment. Gauntlet is continuously optimising the risk parameters so I’d suggest starting conservative and letting them refine them

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@Alex_BertoG the asset listing guide says I need 1 AAVE to propose a vote on snapshot but snapshot is saying 50 AAVE. Would be good to update the guide.

Thanks for flagging it and apologies, the threshold was increased last month to avoid spam snapshots. I’ve corrected the docs now

Snapshot vote is live for the next 7 days! I appreciate everyone’s help and support! <3

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@Alex_BertoG for the snapshot vote do we just need more yes’s than no’s? Or are there other mechanics to the snapshot being considered ‘Approved’?

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thats right its just to gauge community sentiment. It can also be used to understand the community’s favorite outcome among multiple parameter calibration for example

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@Alex_BertoG now that we have community sentiment, I’m going to create the AIP. How much proposition power do I need? If I want to have proposition power delegated to me what’s the best way to go about that?

FYI the links in steps 4 and 5 in the new asset listing guide are broken.

Well done :cowboy_hat_face:

Thanks links were updated due to V3 doc update, changing in the gov docs Governance Guide - Developers

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Update: I’ve submitted a PR into the Pending-AIP branch :slight_smile:

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@Alex_BertoG is there a timeline on when we can expect this PR to be merged? Can you push the team to review / provide comments if needed?

@Alex_BertoG any update on next steps here?