Listing Proposal: Add UMA as collateral on Aave

UMA has been around the block a few times and has a very solid reputation in the DeFi space. UMA has not only been going strong but is also helping to propel other projects, just another reason I think it makes sense to list UMA. Cheers!


If a 51% borrowing attack is a fear, why not wait for AAVE V3 and implement a borrowing cap instead of disabling borrowing?

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That’s the plan! We can add it to v2 now though without borrowing to enable users to use UMA as collateral.


Here is the specific ask to our community. I hope you receive this “unprecedented” engagement without concern – It’s just because UMA has a vibrant community and because they are eager to use Aave :) (This engagement has not been otherwise incentivized!)


Not only does UMA make sense right now, but with their cross chain push via Across this will be good on Aave v3.


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I want to support adding UMA to AAVE.

UMA is bridging real world use cases into cryptocurrency. The latest example is supporting price identifiers of top 5 SPAC companies, which will give web3 world a way of accessing top 5 SPAC companies. This is never possible before with restriction of whom could trade SPAC company stocks.

In addition, UMA has a strong community team called SuperUmans, who drive the growth of UMA’s ecosystem in an extremely organized fashion. The team is fully decentralized and are incentivized by UMA’s own products such as KPI options.

UMA is truly innovating inside its own ecosystem, and bringing value to the outside ecosystem. The only question I have is, why did we wait until now to start this discussion?


I agree. UMA is a must! :)

It’s time UMA which is recognised by the likes of Vitalik is added to AAVE :slight_smile:

Yesssss, let’s get this added!!

UMA is serious project

good suggestion. it will add value

UMA is a defi OG and I’d love to see it listed here as a long time aave user and uma supporter.

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Thanks for this proposal

A risk analysis is important for users to make an opinion on UMA as a collateral as described in New Asset Listing - Governance

You could use the Aave Risk Framework methodology

Thanks Alex, how do I initiate a risk analysis review on adding UMA?

Well this is to be done as part of the application so either by you or you could reach out to analyst who have done it for other projects on the forum

Is there a particular forum you have in mind where you know of an analyst who has done this or do you have some contacts in mind?

Can you provide an example of the risk analysis? I don’t see a template in the “Aave Risk Framework methodology” link you provided.

Much appreciated!

I found this here on the gov forum: Listing Proposal: Add xSUSHI - #16 by Alex_BertoG

It was just a basic search I did, but you could find others who have done it, as per the methodology in the second link above from Alex, in other listing proposals.


You can check in the forum the analysts who have shared risk assessments. In most cases the proposer managed to implement the risk methodology to quantify the risks themselves.

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Thank you @Wraithers!!


Is there anything the SuperUMAns can do to aid in the assessment? Do let us know. Excited to see this move ahead!

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