Listing Proposal: UMA, LRC, OMG, RenBTC

Dear Aavengers,
I’d like to initiate an opinion poll regarding the topic concerning the listing of the following tokens as collateral options in AAVE:
All these tokens benefit from healthy liquidity while their underlining projects have consistently added value to the DeFi ecosystem.
In this sense let’s express our vote in the poll below in order to kick-off any potential listing.

  • Yes for UMA listing
  • No for UMA listing

0 voters

  • Yes for LRC listing
  • No for LRC listing

0 voters

  • Yes for OMG listing
  • No for OMG listing

0 voters

  • Yes for RenBTC listing
  • No for RenBTC listing

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Thanks for posting this @depressedape! For those looking for more information on renBTC, please see my ARC in this link. Excited to see renBTC with 84% approval with 25 votes as of now!

CC: @MaxRoszko as he supported edits for my ARC.


The sentiment so far is definitely in favor of OMG listing. For the others it is a bit undecided and I think we should put it up for a more representative vote in each case as all the assets achieved over 50% in affirmative votes. I propose that we start with an official vote for OMG and the others should followed after. I would also like the Aave team to let us know if it is better to wait until V2 is out, so that any asset is directly listed on the new smart contracts. It is not clear for me at least if there will be a migration from V1 to V2.

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Hello, as V2 is days away, I would personally think that a bit of patience and targeting v2 addition would be more efficient.


Since V2 is out, do you think we could initiate this official OMG vote?



If REN is already on AAVE, wouldn’t renBTC make sense? or renFIL for Filecoin? By all means, let’s put it up for an official vote. OMG would be a great addition too.