Llama Month 10 Update

Hi everyone, we would like to share our monthly progress report and field any questions from the Aave community.

As a reminder, our areas of focus are:

  • Protocol upgrades
  • Treasury management
  • Analytics
  • Growth


You can find all this information and more at community.llama.xyz/aave.

Actions Taken This Month

Task Actions Taken Notes & Commentary
Grow Aave’s Revenue Proposed & executed AIP-257: Optimism - Create ETH eMode Category
Earning Yield Proposed & executed AIP-261: Treasury Management - Acquire wstETH & rETH
Strategic Partnerships Proposed & executed AIP-267: Treasury Management - Acquire B-80BAL-20WETH
Grow Aave’s Revenue Proposed & executed AIP-275: Add rETH Aave v3 Optimism
Grow Aave’s Revenue Proposed & executed AIP-278: MaticX Polygon Supply Cap Update
Treasury Passed AIP-282: Acquire More aUSDC on Aave Ethereum Collector
Earning Yield [TEMP CHECK] Introducing “Curator” by Llama The Curator is a dedicated contract for managing the exchange of assets with MEV and price-impact protection, where possible.

The below provides a high level overview of the functionality provided by the Curator:
* Swap Assets
* Acquire LSTs
* Transfer Assets

This TEMP CHECK has passed on Snapshot and the payload has been shared with BGD for review
Strategic Partnerships, Earning Yield, Grow Aave’s Revenue Introduced [ARFC] Treasury Management - Introducing StrategicAssetManager After research on the Collector and in anticipation of Aave’s upcoming veBAL, sdCRV, and other strategic asset holdings, we’ve developed a lightweight way for Aave to maximize the governance and yield of its holdings.

The payload has been shared with BGD for feedback.
Strategic Partnerships Shared Analysis of B-80BAL-20WETH Acquisition We recently made use of CoW Swap to acquire B-80BAL-20WETH. This architecture resulted in Aave receiving an additional 1,918.72 (USD: $24,732.30) units of B-80BAL-20WETH compared to a direct deposit.
Grow Aave’s Revenue [ARFC] Polygon Supply Cap Update 07.07.2023 This was later passed through onchain governance.
Accounting Reports June 2023 Financial Report Key takeaways:
* Revenue totaled $1.2m in June
* Total treasury holdings = $122.9m (68% AAVE)
* Deposits = $8.5b
Develop a Data Warehouse for Aave Continued development of Aave’s data warehouse which powers financial reporting and Llama’s Aave dashboard.
Claim Revenue to Treasury for Aave V3 Continued weekly treasury claims for Aave V3 deployments.

We thank the Aave community for their support! Please feel free to share any questions or feedback on our work.