Llama Month 3 Update

Llama Month 3 Update

Happy New Year, all! We would like to share our monthly progress report and field any questions from the Aave community.

As a reminder, our areas of focus are:

  • Protocol upgrades
  • Treasury management
  • Analytics
  • Growth

We’re planning to host our next Llama <> Aave community Twitter Spaces on January 12, 2022 at 11:00 am ET - we hope you’ll join us!


Actions Taken This Month

Task Actions Taken Notes & Commentary
Grow Aave’s Revenue Proposed and executed AIP-131 (Aave v2 ETH Interest Rate Curve Update).
Strategic Partnerships / Grow Aave’s Revenue Proposed and executed AIP-130 (Set LDO, stMATIC, MaticX and SD Emission_Admin for Polygon v3 Liquidity Pool).
Earning Yield Published [ARFC] Ethereum v2 Collector Contract Consolidation. Snapshot passed 12/16/2022. This proposal seeks to consolidate 17 assets in the v2 Ethereum Collector Contract to USDC and redeem ammTokens for the underlying assets. This step is a prerequisite for deploying the treasury.
Other Published [ARFC] Receipt of Gauntlet Insolvency Fund. Snapshot passed 12/16/2022 In response to excess CRV debt, Gauntlet is to transfer the funds held in the Insolvency Fund to Aave. We proposed that the Insolvency Fund be transferred in the form of AAVE tokens to the Ecosystem Reserve.
Claim Revenue to Treasury for Aave V3 Shared more about our solution for automatically claiming revenue to Aave’s treasury in V3 deployments.
Other Published [ARFC] Repay Excess CRV Debt on Ethereum v2. Snapshot passed 12/16/2022. The community voted to retain the aCRV and use USDC only to acquire CRV needed to repay the bad debt. This step is a prerequisite for deploying a swap contract exchanging USDC and aUSDC for CRV.
Earning Yield Published [Discussion] Migrate, Consolidate and Deploy Polygon Treasury
Grow Aave’s Revenue Published [ARFC] Create eMode Categories for Aave v3 on Ethereum.
Grow Aave’s Revenue Updated our proposal to change Aave V3 Polygon wMATIC Interest Rate parameters after feedback from Aave’s risk managers.
Accounting Reports Published November 2022 financials.
Runway Analysis Published first Aave runway analysis.
DeFi Integrations Supported CIAN as they built a MaticX / wMATIC strategy for Aave V3 (Polygon). With our proposed update to wMATIC Interest Rate parameters on Aave V3 Polygon, this strategy becomes more economically viable. We worked with CIAN to discuss potential risks of the strategy and ways to improve UX for a safer product build.
Data Warehouse Set up the underlying cloud infrastructure for the data warehouse and data orchestration services, which will feed the frontend dashboards and exploratory notebooks. In parallel, we have also started ingesting data in our dev pipelines as part of our first iteration.

We thank the Aave community for their support! Please feel free to share any questions or feedback on our work.

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Hi all, we’ll be hosting our next Llama <> Aave Twitter Spaces tomorrow (January 12) at 11:00am ET (4:00pm GMT). We’ll share more about our work with Aave over the last month and give the community the opportunity ask any questions they have about our work.