NFT Creation Query

Hi Guys,

Where is the best place to create and sell your NFT’s?

how do you mint them?

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Conor O’Dwyer

It depends what type of NFTs you are doing

For expensive artwork, Superrare and Foundation are the best but you need an invite. Someone here should be able to send you one

For series, collectibles or meme content, OpenSea is great, I was able to mint an NFT for free as they sponsored gas costs (not sure if its still the case). I think Rarible is quite similar

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Yeah that would be great if somebody could?

OK that’s good to know also, But if I wanted to sell them would you be able to sell them on Binance? or is there other exchanges you would sell them on?

I appreciate your help!

Kind regards,

The websites I have cited above are exchanges for NFT. As far as I know you can’t use Binance or other crypto exchanges you need an NFT specific tool for that

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Ok very good, Yes it is more difficult to get mint approval on binance.

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