No LST swaps on Aave v3

Hey, there has recently been a small tweak on the “Swap” feature in Aave v3. I can’t input any contract for it to fetch routes. And I can’t either swap wstETH or rETH…


Hello! Developer from the interface team here.
What do you mean by " I can’t input any contract for it to fetch routes"?
Being able to search by token address? (if that’s the case then we will add that feature shortly)
And about the available tokens you’re right we are missing some, we changed the approach from using the aave markets assets to using a token list to allow the swap of a more broad amount of tokens. We will work on adding those to the token list.
Thank you for the feedback!


Yep, that’s it, being able to input the token address!

And yes ser, np, I love Aave anything I may do to help