Options on AAVE LP tokens/AAVE/GHO

What is deltatheta: deltatheta - options DEX where any trader can buy and sell options on the most volatile crypto assets (you can close options sold and the margin will be in August). You can trade options on BTC and ETH as well as on 2nd tier tokens: BNB, AAVE, MATIC, DOT etc. We work in several networks: Ethereum, Binance, Polygon and Aurora/NEAR(V3 terminal). We passed three technical audits.

Rationale: We will provide the opportunity to every holder of AAVE LP tokens and AAVE stablecoin to trade options and get more APY in V3 terminal. We have already launched the product with Stader Lab (for MaticX) for Polygon network and Matic tokens in V2 terminal.
Moreover, as an options seller in V3 terminal, you can stake on your collateral on AAVE. And get additional APY if you place limit selling order.
As you know, options are a contract where there is a buyer and a seller. The buyer of options always pays a premium to the seller and has the right to exercise the option. The buyer wants to be able to buy or sell something at a fixed price up to a certain point in the future. On the other hand, the seller bets that the event will not occur and receives a premium for this.

Now that we are in a bearish trend, options trading is becoming a unique alternative to staking. Since by selling options, you get a premium in stablecoin immediately. Most traders prefer to sell CALL options with strikes (price) above the market by 20-30% and earn 20-30% APY on this.


We offer two levels of integration

Standard - we list the native token - AAVE - and further uses are left to the discretion of the token holder. We provide Market Maker assistance in the form of a gift from our team as a token of our appreciation of the protocols’ contribution to the mutual “defi business” + the possibility of combining trading and liquidity storage in a liquidity incentivised program (LIP).

Advanced - quoting not only the native token, but also aXXX tokens + quoting pairs in relation to AAVE Stable Coin (GHO) + cross chain support for trading in EVM compatible networks + limits proportional to the liquidity provided. This requires additional liquidity from the protocol in the form of a native AAVE token, which:
1. will be sent directly to Market Maker as part of the formal agreement and split between the required number of tokens or
2. will be placed in structured products on the delta.theta platform, the profits of which will finance the MM. A direct grant to automate the repositories of the structural products can also take place.

August 2022 - deltatheta V3 launch with margin options on AAVE LP tokens and AAVE stablecoin (as be ready)

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Delta Theta это космический корабль новой парадигмы.
Продажа опционов на доходные токены - возможность, которая обеспечит новый виток развития открытых финансов.
Голосую за!!! Уверен, что вместе команды Delta Theta и AAVE раздвинут для нас область возможного!