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ENS: ox.ytocin.eth
Discord: Oxytocin#4643
Telegram: Telegram: Contact @Ox_ytocin
Twitter: https://twitter.com/0x_Ytocin

Who am I? Why Aave?

Oxytocin (Or 0xytocin/ Ytocin) is a personal pseudonym I use to interact with the Web3 space. I am a Neuroscientist who has become interested in the world of Web3 after seeing the power of decentralisation with the growth of DeFi and DAOs. I believe that the composable and open nature of DeFi can allow us to build new systems which previously would’ve been only possible in a more slow, inefficient and opaque way.

Because of the open-source and decentralised nature of the space, I feel that it is necessary to support the protocols you want to support and see succeed as directly as possible, which is why I want to contribute to Aave governance.

To me, Aave has always been a great go-to example of the potential of this space. It tackles an issue that would not have been possible without the existence of smart contracts (trustless and automated smart liquidity lending/borrowing), all while being governed directly by one of the most diligent communities of the space and showing incredible resilience throughout all of the Black Swan events that have hit this ecosystem over the last few years.

Why delegate to Oxytocin?

Currently, the only other platform I spend significant a significant amount of time in is ParaSwap. Not only is this another key indicator of my commitment to Aave’s success, as ParaSwap closely works with this protocol , but this means that were my delegation amount to be significant, I would be able to focus greatly on this DAO. This , in my opinion, is an important quality to have to be able to deliver the consistent commitment expected from my delegates.

As part of my delegation duties, I am hoping to bring the research thoroughness from my academic background to provide both clear and concise research on how I wish to proceed to my delegates.

Additionally, thanks to my experience from ParaSwap, I am currently already familiar with many of the chains and protocols that Aave could wish to integrate and synergise with, thus bringing insights only possible from working in this kind of multi-chain and aggregated environment. My time in the ParaSwap DAO has also given me plenty of time to get familiar on working with governance frameworks, as well as politely discussing and reaching consensus with other members.

Finally, but not least importantly, I wish to make sure to ensure open and transparent communication with anyone who wishes to do so. It is always important to remember the human, after all!

Areas of Focus

These are some of the areas that I feel I could help the AAVE DAO with. These will probably be updated as I get more familiar with governance and what other participants are focussing their efforts on:

  • Governance Participation and Framework Development: I wish to help make sure that the DAO can be easily understood and accessed by as many high-level contributors as possible, all while keeping this a welcoming space. To do this, I will do my best to engage in topics that I can give meaningful contributions in, as well as
  • Ecosystem Research: As mentioned in a previous section, previous DAO work has allowed me to become familiar with many different chains and protocols. This allows me to research potential points of synergy and development for the Aave DAO, as well as be familiar with many of the assets listed here.
  • Collaboration with development groups: Last but not least, as a single-delegate-platform, I wanted to also leave my last point flexible to the needs of other members of the space. Depending of the needs of other members, I am willing to assist them in projects they are currently looking to develop, be it by helping redact the proposal, share an opinion, or do any research that might be required. No DAO is an island, after all.

Conflicts of Interest and Disclaimers

I am a significant contributor to the ParaSwap DAO , assisting with the development of its governance and community. This is my most significant time commitment on this space, and I will communicate any potential biases that might arise from this.

Other than Aave, I have previously expressed interest in being a Delegate for Optimism and Arbitrum. Currently, I am delegated <1k OP, and the Arbitrum DAO has not launched properly yet, but despite these delegations I will ensure to remain as chain agnostic as possible for all chains Aave is available in.

Finally, as other delegates have mentioned, by delegating to me you acknowledge my participation to the DAO on a best effort basis, and am not liable for potential damages stemming from governance participation.

Examples of Prior Contributions

ParaSwap DAO Contribution Examples

PSP-IPΔ22 - PSP 2.0 - Revised Voting Edition - Approved Proposals - ParaSwap DAO

PSP-IPΔ28 : sePSP1 Upgrade Module - Governance Proposals - ParaSwap DAO

PSP 2.0 : Social-escrowed PSP (sePSP) - PS Research - ParaSwap DAO

PSP-IPΔ25- Deployment of PSP to Optimism - Governance Proposals - ParaSwap DAO

PSP-IPΔ26 Establishment of a Governance Committee and Decentralisation Governance Roadmap - Governance Proposals - ParaSwap DAO

Optimism Governance

[READY] [GF: Phase 1 Proposal] ParaSwap - Governance Fund: Phase 1 - Optimism Collective
Oxytocin - Delegate Communication Thread - Delegate Updates - Optimism Collective


Despite being interested in participating in Aave governance for a long timer, it is thanks to the suggestion of those at Butter that I finally took the leap. For this reason, I would like to extend my submission to be part of the first election of delegates in the process. Please vote for me if you agree on these ideas!


Main goals

As stated in my delegate platform, my strengths come from my current expertise in the areas of Governance, Research and DeFi.

Because of this, I’d like to set two goals, one related to the governance system and another one to the protocol itself. Area 1 will involve my personal participation in the DAO, as well as assisting with the creation of a successful standardised delegate platform system. Meanwhile, Area 2 will focus on ensuring a successful launch and growth process for GHO, as well as assisting it in every step possible.

Area 1: Governance Onboarding and Participation

As a recent first-time delegate to Aave , the first thing that stood out to me was the lack of standardisation for becoming a delegate. This leads to a significant blocker to new people deciding to participate in Aave governance, as it is difficult to know not only what areas one can focus on, but also how one can present themselves as a proper delegate.

For this reason, were I to be elected, I would like to help standardise the Delegate Platform process and assist with the documentation of areas of focus within Aave DAO. This will not only facilitate more high-quality candidates to participate in the future, but also assist with platforms like Butter in future campaigns, were this pilot to be considered successful.

Additionally, as part of this area of focus I would like to once again emphasise my commitment to governance participation were I to be elected as a Butter delegate. For this reason, I want to introduce quantifiable participation metrics. This involves participating in voting, as well as forum discussions in every step of the process.


  • Produce 1 TEMP CHECK that passes successfully regarding this Area of focus
  • Produce a report of the current areas of focus for Aave DAO, and potential areas of focus for future participants.
  • Achieve a voting rate of at least 75% for all votes during the term.

Area 2: Growth and Integration of GHO into wider DeFi ecosystem

As we all know, a new key product is soon being prepared for release by Aave, and despite the release coming soon, we still have a long way to GHO.

Were I to be elected as a Butter delegate, I believe it is important to help as much as possible for the healthy and successful launch of GHO. After all, despite this being a new kind of resilient stablecoin, it is still going to have to compete with many others in the market, and a specific strategy is required to ensure its launch into the DeFi space.

As the technical side of GHO is already being handled thoroughly, I want to propose assisting with its integrations into the wider ecosystem space. These include listing the asset on other DAOs, assessing the liquidity of GHO, and ensuring the successful deployment of it.


  • Vote and assess the votes and temp checks required for the release of go GHO
  • Assess the health of the liquidity plans of GHO, and propose additional ones if needed
  • Assist with GHO being successfully integrated into other DeFi protocols, and if liquidity is sufficient in Etheruem mainnet, assess the possibilities in other chains and networks as well