Saucy Block Delegate Platform


Key Info

Delegate Address: saucyblock.eth (0x08651EeE3b78254653062BA89035b8F8AdF924CE)
Governance tracking: Boardroom, Tally
Memeber: 0xlide(@0xlide), Yousuke Aramaki(@ywzx)
Telegram: @Lide_SaucyBlock
Hey(Lens🌿): Hey
Twitter: (0xlide)
Twitter: (Yousuke Aramaki)


Hi, Aave Community ฅ•ω•ฅ
We are excited to announce the Saucy Block Delegate Platform as a starting point our journey.

The Saucy Block Delegate Platform pledges to act with transparency and independence, prioritizing the long-term prosperity of the Aave Ecosystem with our voting. Furthermore, our team has the capability to create all processes from TEMP CHECK to AIP and is committed to actively contributing to the growth of Aave V3 and GHO.

Delegate Statement (why you should delegate to Saucy Block)

Saucy Block was founded in 2024 by 0xlide and Yousuke Aramaki. Over the past year, 0xlide has contributed to Aave as a proposer and reviewer, while Yousuke Aramaki has over five years of experience as a blockchain engineer. We have expertise in Blockchain, DAO Governance, and DeFi Protocols, and possess the capability and strong determination to independently execute the entire process from TEMP CHECK to AIP. However, to create votes on snapshot or AIP, a certain amount of Voting Power is required. The quantity of AAVE directly held by our team does not meet this standard, requiring additional voting power from AAVE holders. Delegating to Saucy Block enables Saucy Block to fully utilize its capabilities for the development of the Aave Ecosystem.

Focus Areas

  • 1. Expansion of $GHO Ecosystem
    The expansion of the GHO ecosystem is the most critical factor for the prosperity of the Aave Ecosystem. Our team considers increasing the use cases of GHO as the optimal strategy for stability and sustainable growth. Hence, we plan to propose and implement new incentive strategies and actively propose them to other DeFi.

  • 2. Growth of Aave V3
    Aave V3 is strongly leading the lending market. The completion of the transition from Aave V2 to V3 and the expansion to Layer 2 solutions and other chains are among the challenges for 2024. Additionally, our team plans to carefully consider and support the handling of new types of assets such as RWA Tokens and LP Tokens.

  • 3. Governance Optimization
    Governance optimization mean to maximizing both decentralization and benefits without losing flexibility by granting specific permissions to eligible actors under the control of smart contracts. This concept is similar to governance minimization but is based on the premise that governance is not necessarily negative.

  • 4. Transparency
    Transparency is the core spirit of Aave and the reason why we love GHOST👻. Saucy Block declares its commitment to making decisions based on clear justifications and explaining them in advance on the Forum.

The Team

0xlide ( @0xlide )
I have been actively involved in DeFi and DAO Governance for the past two years. Within Aave, I have collaborated with ACI and TokenLogic in the past, contributing to a few proposals such as “Add FXS to Ethereum” and “GHO Funding”.

Yousuke Aramaki (@ywzx )
5 years of smart contract engineering experience, covering stablecoins, NFTs, and cross-chain bridges. Currently working with VC and crypto startups as a technical adviser while contributing to Titania Research.