Please refrain using AIP title in threads

Hello Aave community,

As of today, we already have, 3 unofficial “AIP-2”, an “AIP-3” and “AIP-4”.

An Aave Improvement Proposal or AIP is the result of a consensus discussion, written in a specific format and designed to be proposed for voting to the AAVE holders with a payload resulting in a modification of the Aave protocol directly on-chain in case of a positive outcome.

AIP term should not be used to start discussion and request comments on token additions or features.

Following the development standards, that’s should be an RFC (Request For Comments) and we can start using the term “ARC” (Aave Request for Comment) with no attributed numbers to start discussions that may end up with the creation of an AIP.

AIP numbers attributions should be left to the contributors of the Aave Github repo in order to keep clarity.

thanks for your understanding.