Privacy and yield opportunities for AAVE

Hello AAVE community,

We recently enabled transactional privacy for AAVE using Secret Network. Today, I’m writing about an opportunity to earn yield with your AAVE.

Secret Network community is starting bridge mining program starting Tuesday January 12 for 6 weeks, during which 250K SCRT will be distributed to bridge depositors. The more value locked on Secret Network - Ethereum bridge, the better anonymity for its users. ERC20 pools with more than $100K TVL will be eligible for SCRT bridge rewards.

What can you do with the bridge now?

  • Transactional privacy for AAVE: Send AAVE privately on the Secret Network
  • Decentralized OTC : Participate in a private auction to buy / sell large amounts of supported assets anonymously (GUI under-development).
  • SecretAMM: Front-running resistant AMM on Secret Network, expected to launch in February 2021.

You can check out the Secret Network - Ethereum Bridge here and create secretAAVE with your AAVE today. On January 12, you will be able to mine for secretSCRT with your secretAAVE. For support, check out bridge-support channel on the Secret Network discord. We’d be excited to help you get started! :)

Is anonymity strength purely a function of token amount? or depositor number matters too?