Proposal : AAVE reccuring buy (Or DCA) features

Hello dear All,

It is my second proposition. The first was to add/link to aave deposits a credit card. Please stay indulgent if I still propose somthing stupid.

I would like to find on aave a feature that allow me

  • to buy on MATIC MAINET every Day/week/month some AAVE token (Or anything else) with my credit card or by a transfer (By a systeme of on-ramp). This feature is called DCA (Dollar Cost average)
  • those token will
  • put in common in first time
  • and in a second time bridge to ETH mainet with a system a of Oven ( as does ) that allow to minimise the cost of bridging for everybody.

3 advantages for AAVE:

  • News potential users
  • Fees collect
  • TVL increasing