Proposal : A Debit/Credit Card on AAVE Deposit for my Grand-Mother and I :-)


It is my first post on the governance of AAVE. Please be indulgent with me if I propose something completely stupid.

My vision of AAVE is to replace in the future a bank. Why to wait to future? My proposition is the following : Is it possible to associate to our deposits a credit card branded aave that would allow to my grandmother to know and use AAVE :-).

I am joking for my GM of course but not to much :-). I see a lot of advantages to link a credit card to AAVE :

  • Mass adoption of AAVE,
  • Easy process to buy / swap Token through AAVE
  • Add incentives by using AAVE to enroll more AAVE users
  • Increase TVL and safety module
  • pround to be early AAVE user for my grand-mother and I => those news user will take certainly a part in the governance

Hoping I don’t tell something stupid, Thanks to all to read me.


Hey ! Did you see this ? :slight_smile:

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Unfortunately not :-). I did researches to find a topic about that before :-) If you ask google ( With Credit Card AAVE ) you find nothing about this tweet certainly because the stani’s tweet is a GIF :-). Thank to take time for me and forget my first proposal :-). My grand mother and I will be pleased to use the Credit Card :-)

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