Proposal: Add support for Golem Network Token (GLM)

Hello AAVE frens,

I’m very excited to be here on behalf of the Golem team, since we just migrated our 4 year old token to the ERC-20 standard and finally can participate in DeFi! This is our very first application as well :slight_smile:

We think being able to trade GLM on AAVE and use it as collateral would further widen our commitment to decentralization and the Ethereum ecosystem. One of the main reasons we chose to migrate the token to ERC-20 is to leverage DeFi and allow our token holders to discover this ecosystem which, believe it or not, it’s not very well known to them (some history - Golem crowdfunded in 2016, and back then, the ERC-20 standard was not popular, and DeFi did not exist, so our legacy community is still discovering the topic!)

About Golem Network

Golem Network is a marketplace for idle computing power. It enables providers and requestors of computing power to connect in a trustless peer-to-peer network enabling both application owners and individual users (“requestors”) to rent resources from other users’ (“providers”) machines.

These resources can be used to complete tasks requiring any amount of computation time and capacity. Nowadays, centralized cloud providers are in control of these services, these platforms are constrained by closed networks, proprietary payment systems, and hard-coded provisioning operations. Golem proposes an open-source, decentralized and user controlled alternative.

About GLM

GLM, is an ERC-20 (Ethereum-based) token, is s a utility token used to access the Golem Network and the currency to pay other users within the Network for renting computations.

GLM marks an important milestone in leveraging Layer 2 solutions for microtransactions.

We held a crowdfunding in on November 11, 2016 and ended in 29 minutes. In total we created GNT and fundraised 820.000 ETH / (8M USD at the time).

We subsequently migrated GNT to GLM on a ration 1:1.


We believe that being able to trade GLM on AAVE and use it as collateral, will be pivotal to our future endeavours as it will allow creators and requestors to exchange GLM in in a transparent way, hence will facilitate the development of an ecosystem of Web3.0 applications running on Golem.


I support the addition - If someone deserves to be added on aave that is GLM . Serious project with active developers and awesome future. I am sure @aave community what’s to be part of that future . I’m in !:man_astronaut:


ICO from 2016. Still has a lot of money. Still active. Still hiring developers. Still growing. 100% sure @Aave will be happy to add such serious project.


I support this too. The GLM team has been solid over the past few years and the community as a whole is very active. Adding GLM support will be pivotal to the ecosystem.


I support this too, love this project …


Hardly support this.

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Future of Web 3.0
What can be better than uncensored computations decentralized way?
Team has very talented engineers. A lot of money. And a perfect idea.
Idea is the strongest thing in the universe. This guys will deliver. No doubt.

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In terms of risk assessment I think that we should take into account the fact that they recently migrated and have a look at the data of the previous contract address as well.
Contract address has changed from 0xa74476443119a942de498590fe1f2454d7d4ac0d to 0x7DD9c5Cba05E151C895FDe1CF355C9A1D5DA6429.

Following the risk methodology it looks like Golem positions itself pretty well considering the risk scores:

  • smart contract risk: B+ considering a maturity of >1.5k days and >1M transfers;
  • counterparty risk: B+ considering its decentralized nature and with >100k holders;
  • market risk: C+ considering the lower average volume of 20M in the last 30 days even though it has a market cap of 469M and a normalized volatility of aprox. 0.029;

That being said, I think Golem is a solid project and it would be a great addition to the protocol.

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