Proposal: Add support for MATIC Token

Summary :
Add support for Polygon (ticker MATIC) in AAVE V2.
I’m a Polygon community member helping with ecosystem development and integrations.


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MATIC - overview
MATIC is the ecosystem token of Polygon Network (previously Matic) - a 100% EVM compatible L2 scaling solution with current TVL of more than $500M and 200+ dapps deployed across DeFi, NFT, Gaming and DAO space. With the recent rebranding Matic has now expanded in scope and vision and have transformed into Polygon with the aim of becoming an L2 aggregator - thereby providing a developer with all L2 solutions - POS/Plasma chain (mainnet launched April 2020), zk and Optimistic Rollups and Validum chains (part of the roadmap - as seen on website).

The MATIC token lies at the heart of the Polygon ecosystem with multiple use-cases. Primarily the MATIC token is used for paying gas fees on the Polygon network. It runs the ecosystem, supporting top Dapps. Additionally you can participate in the Proof-of-Stake consensus of the blockchain as a validator node and earn 12-14% APY in MATIC tokens.

MATIC token’s emission schedule - courtesy Binance

Positioning of MATIC token within the AAVE ecosystem
Matic token is currently one of the most liquid altcoins on CEXs with daily spot volumes over 100M. The recent Coinbase listing was another achievement - further positioning MATIC as one of the premier altcoins.

Secondly, the whole NFT/Gaming boom has definitely made dapps like Decentraland, Decentral Games, Aavegotchi, Cometh, Polymarket, Quickswap household names in the space.

MATIC can play a unique role in the AAVE ecosystem in following ways -

  1. Lending MATIC
    Since MATIC is primarily a CEX traded coin, most of the speculation and activity remains confined there. Holders don’t have an additional source of revenue other than price speculation. With MATIC as a collateral on AAVE, holders will rush to seek yields, in turn boosting AAVE’s liquidity.
  2. Borrow MATIC
    In today’s high gas fees environment Ether is becoming scarcer by the day. DEX traders can depost Ether on Aave and can borrow Matic on lucrative interest rates. The borrowed Matic can be then provided in single pool dexes like Bancor on L1 and QuickSwap/ComethSwap on L2 to capture liquidity pools of a growing DeFi ecosystem on Polygon.

In addition to the above present incentives, Polygon aims to become a L2 solutions aggregator. Heavy R&D is being done on Polygon SDK that will support Optimistic and ZK rollups and also give the ability for developers to spawn stand-alone or shared-security chains.

Benefits for AAVE
AAVE would be the first platform on L1 to support MATIC tokens as collateral → attracting CEX liquidity into DeFi. The Aave community would be supporting an Ethereum scaling solution, that’s building on the best features of L1 combined with UX ease of L2 to onboard the next 200M users to the blockchain world.

Also with the recent push by Aave in moving their liquidity to Polygon (Matic) as their preferred L2 scaling platform, users will benefit from mutual synergies.

Matic team has been making valuable contributions to the Ethereum ecosystem for a long time, even before it’s public surfacing as Matic Network. This includes working on implementations of Plasma MVP, developing the WalletConnect protocol and the Ethereum event notification engine Dagger.
MATIC token has now been listed over 30 exchanges globally (most recently Coinbase), and is trading against more than 50 base pairs. In terms of market cap MATIC is valued at $1.63B and FDV of $3.26B. 24H trading volumes of >$250M make it one of top 30 traded coins across DEXs and CEXs…

Polygon POS/Plasma hybrid chain is a production ready L2 scaling solution that is 100% EVM compatible, decentralized with 88 validators and battle-tested with 200+ dapps building on it. Average txn/day around 200k and 260k+ wallet addresses. These numbers are increasing at a faster rate than competitors owing to the NFT craze and DeFi initiatives launched by dapps on Polygon.

You can check all the dapps building on Polygon here on

Polygon chain statistics at 7000 tps. courtesy - BlockExplorer

Security and Risk mitigation
Matic token has undergone extensive security audits by Quantstamp.

Author is a community member of the Polygon ecosystem.

I appreciate you taking the time to review. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

  • Add MATIC
  • Don’t add MATIC

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The idea of l2 solution aggregator seem awesome , with such volumes on CEXs seems no brainer getting this on Aave .


Matic is a big player on scaling ETH, will be amazing to have the asset as collateral in the protocol. It will help to have more adoption.


Matic is the way!, This will bring alot of scaling


Need Matic as soon as possible


Matic is scaling ETH … most undervalued… great to have it … here …


Polygon is the leading L2 scaling solution which AAVE has just recently acknowledged by migrating its liquidity there. Matic is here to stay and such stability makes it a prudent move to add Matic token to the AAVE ecosystem.


Seriously, we should not even have to vote to get MATIC here. Add Matic now ! :grinning:


Let’s face it Polygon is leading the way in L2 solutions, it’s a no brainer!

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Yes, yes, yes! Matic is the way.

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Matic? yes of course…


Matic ? YEAH IM :) GO ! …


Matic aka Polygon is The Leading Layer 2 Scaling Solution so without any doubt AAVE should add Matic to their ecosystem.

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Polygon Network is the best for scaling

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This shouldn’t even be a question. Matic deserves it👍


No1 L2 scaling solution. Please add them!

Adding Matic is really to everyone’s advantage. 0 drawbacks, great team.

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Let’s go Matic !!! Great project

It ain’t complete until Polygon (Matic) appears there.

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AAVE is deployed on MATIC. This reason is enough to add support to MATIC.

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