Proposal: Add Support for Rari Capital Tokens

Add the Rari Capital ecosystem tokens (RSPT, RYPT, REPT, and RGT) as borrowing collateral. Proposal by the Rari Team

Rari Capital has just launched v2 of their robo-advisor product, featuring the Rari Stable Pool, Rari Yield Pool, Rari ETH Pool, and Rari Governance Token. The first three are their specific yield earning pools with IOU tokens similar to aDai (represents 1 stablecoin deposited + interest) and the fourth is the governance token. One of their integrated strategies involves lending on Aave.

With Rari’s TVL rising rapidly (jumped to $70m after 72 hours) support for Rari Capital tokens would allow any depositors into Rari to borrow on Aave using their Rari tokens as collateral, increasing Aave’s market size, TVL, and utility.

Useful links:
Rari docs:


Good proposal. More liquidity on the Aave platform is always good:)

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