Proposal: Add Support for STASIS EURO (EURS)

I live in Europe and I would be really happy if EUR would be added to Aave, I am following Stasis for a few months and I am planning to use the yearn vault to earn some passive yield. I hope aave will add it.

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Thanks for your support people!

And we have some great news to share today:

"The Chainlink Network’s Proof of Reserve Data Feeds support DeFi by offering transparency around the collateralization of fiat-backed stablecoins.

Integrate the EURS PoR Feed to verify that STASIS EUROs are fully backed by fiat reserves!"

Hello, DeFi nation! Wanted to jump on this train and express my support to EURS. I use both stablecoin and STASIS Wallet, enjoyed the experience and great support service 24/7. Hope they get more traction this year

“We really like EURS stablecoin in France, given that Digital Euro by ECB is expected in no less than 5 years. It would be great to see more experiments with EURS on different DeFi protocols.”

Hello AAVE community! I tried many USD and other stablecoins but mostly rely on EURS these days Really appreciate their well-crafted solution, great support service, and easy-2-use app. My point is "yes for EURS’!

EURS is my weapon of choice in the volatile crypto market conditions. I hope that the AAVE community will support the proposal…Thrilled to see this great stablecoin on more DeFi protocols!

Being a DeFi user and crypto enthusiast, I’m excited about this proposal. Let’s raise awareness and help the EURS team!

I’m new to DeFi, but a long-time fan of EURS. The Crypto market actually lacks transparent stablecoin projects built by teams with strong expertise in various fields. STASIS is a rare example here and I’m sure their initiative will be successful.

I do really like EURS stablecoin and STASIS support service being a tech-savvy DeFi user. The last few months indicated a growing steadily demand for this asset in decentralized finance protocols, so I’ll be glad if AAVE community supports it.:ok_hand:

Please this is very very necessary and importan dollar dont stop fall

Yes please. I said it in another post, I really REALLY welcome non USD stable coins

Have researched a while. I have no good feeling?
I miss some trustful stuff, licenses, EU regulations, I also don’t like this Malta taxation mechanism and and and, how are the user funds protected.
They have 69m EUR in circulation not that much.

I’m not comfortable with

Hey, Michael.

Speaking of trust. We highlighted the transparency statements at the top of this proposal. Not every project in the stablecoin segment is able to provide this:

Next, when it comes to regulations, we need to note here that STASIS is exempt from regulation under Maltese laws and the VFA act. STASIS has received 4 legal opinions from Malta, the USA, UK, Germany to confirm this position.

Our company has successfully operated in a self-regulated form for more than three years, being the only big four-audited issuer and providing ultimate transparency of operations.

We have been promoting the E-money 2.0 initiative since the project’s inception. The STASIS team is pushing the new model to come to life, but there is no clear ETA for this milestone. Until a proper regulation is in place, we will continue to exist and operate in a self-regulatory mode.

Finally, the circulation is not that impressive compared to USDC or USDT, but we managed to increase the total supply by 40% in just the last few months. The demand for the EURS among institutionals is growing and we are confident that this trend will continue.

Hi, thx for the information!

Have read your smart contract, do you have some more information who can execute it, what the functions are for and what are the cases when this or this function will be used.

I mean an overall overview of the hole contract handling.


Hey Michael,

You are welcome.

The actual published contract code is documented. Check it out by the link (we use delegate calls from the main contract to route calls to it):

All interactions, in this case, must occur through the main token contract.

As a fellow European I also feel the need for a EURO-backed stablecoin (didn’t do my homeworks yet about EURS specifically but will take a look soon).

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Hi, sorry but your reply didn’t answer my questions, also your token contract looks very basic.

What are the fees parameters for and and and!
Thx for providing more information

Hey, no problem. The current implementation is located at the address above and there are no fees in it at all, you can see for yourself.

Next, the fact that the contract seems basis is okay. Apart from delegatedTransfer, our token does not need any special features, so everything is done as simply as possible to exclude the possibility of problems and vulnerabilities (reduce the attack surface). Hope it answers your question.

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Thanks for this proposal

Could you please make sure your ARC covers all the important information as explicit in New Asset Listing - Governance

Hope to see this happen soon. No reason to let USD be the king of town. IIRC, a chainlink oracle reflecting the price of EURS in ETH is necessary for an AAVE listing. Is there one available?