Proposal: Add support for $UBT

$UBT is the token that powers the “Unibright framework” and everything else in their enterprise focused ecosystem.

Recently added to Coinbase Custody, and merging their tech stacks with Provide, they are the leading contributors to the Baseline Protocol

Details on their progress to date can be found through their extensive materials shared on the 10th of December as part of “Baseline as a Service DemoDay”, to showcase to potential enterprise clients what they have been building since march.

Three demos and a live panel (with client representatives):

Supply Chain with Coke One North America

Procurement and IoT with Fraunhofer IPK

Invoice Tokenization and DeFi with

Live Panel Discussion

There is a lot more information on their medium page (@UnibrightIO)


Great idea. This is one is real deal. In light of recent XRP case it is very important that Unibright is fully regulated you can check it on SEC website


Chainlink is the next one after XRP…
So every project with good relations with SEC is now a safer investment.


Excellent news! UBT as a full regulated project is one of the top in my portfolio.


Unibright has an excellent community. Always curious about the project and new stuff.

It would be great if Aave supports $ubt on their platform.

Feel free to write me a message for any questions.

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Everyone is talking about enterprise adoption since 2017.

Unibright/Provide and their joint efforts on the baseline protocol are the main drivers of public blockchain(s) adoption by enterprises.

Baseline protocol uses public blockchain(s) as a common frame of reference to maintain data consistency between business partners without sacrificing security, control, or compartmentalization.

UBT is required by those business partners to integrate their processes into public blockchain(s)!


Would love to see support for $UBT added!

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Unibright is an important part of the Baseline Protocol. It will be drive EnterpriseDefi & Adaption in 2021 forward.
In February,3 2021 EY (Ernst Young will show a preview about Baseline Protocol at the Pacific Asia Blockchain Summit.
In May 2021 EY will hold another event where they main discuss about Baseline Protocol.
Also the Project Cona from Coca cola bottlers go live in Q2 they switched from Hyperledger to Unibright and got “baselined”