Proposal : An Emerging Market where DeFi is soaring; Turkey

Hi All,

I would like to submit a proposaI for adding support for Turkish Lira stablecoin BiLira (TRYB)

Crypto enthusiasts may be well aware of that Turkey is one of the countries with the highest crypto adoption rate and the demand for cryptocurrencies is huge.

Regarding the economic conditions(inflation rate, USD/TL volatility etc) in Turkey, interest rates are really high when compared to developed countries and people are looking ways for keeping their purchase power

So this might create an opportunity for lending and borrowing platforms like Aave to onboard Turkish market by utilising Turkish Lira stablecoin “BiLira”

Some info about TRYB:

Issuer: BiLira Technology
Backed by: Turkish Lira, 1:1 ratio
Year of Issuance: 2019

Twitter: @BiLira_Official
Official Website:

CEXs: FTX, Bittrex, VirgoX
DEXs: Kyber, Uniswap V2, Balancer (whitelisted)

Current AUM : 35 million BiLira (~5 million USD)

Marketcap : 5 million USD

Benefits for Aave:

AAVE can provide competitive interest rate for lenders and attract more asset to locate.