Proposal: directly incentivize usage of the v2 mirgation portal

Hi everyone,

this proposal can be seen as an extension or alternative to the ongoing discussion about the liquidty mining proposal: Proposal: introduce liquidity incentives for aave v2

The Goal is Aave V2

Besides the positive growth effect on the TVL, the one other main purpose of a potentional liquidity mining campaign should be to incentivize users to switch from AVVE v1 to AAVE v2.

In that case, incentives should be a close as possible to this action.

The migration problem

Besides a couple of cool function and slightly better rates, user have now real incentive to migrate their position from v1 to v2. Even worse, in the recent enviorment of high fee user will punish themself with costs.

This especially it true form smaller user.

The idea
Instead of incentivizing borrowing and lending on v2, I would like to propose to directly incentivize the migration from v1 to v2 by using the migration portal of

An idea could be to give the user a certain percentage of the capital he/she migrates to v2 back in AAVE token. I would like to leave the exact number to the discussion.

The incentivation of usage of the migration portal (v1 => v2) will lead to the follow positiv effects:

  • More capital will migrate to v2 simply because user want the token
  • the reward token can compensate the TX costs of the migration which benefits small users.

In some way the idea it leaning on the recent move of balancer to incentives trading with BAL token to compensate TX fees.

potentional abuse
To avoid potentional abuse the followin restriction could be used:

  • Every ETH adress get rewards only ones. Not multiple rewards for multiple migrations
  • Only adresses who have capital in v1 by time / block XYZ are able to get rewards

please note: this is my very first proposal in general. :-) But I am very happy to share this idea with you. Iā€™m looking forward to your thoughts.