Proposal: Enable Governance from the Aave tokens on other chains where Aave is deployed


Apparently, I got a few things wrong (and I love what I’m wrong about!) Seems like my proposal is irrelevant.

From neptune:

Right now the status quo is that Avalanche and Polygon deployments are not governed at all.
Secondly, Snapshot is already set up so that you can vote with MaticAAVE and amAAVE.

My misconception came from here:

Original post

The status quo: Aave holders on mainnet govern all Polygon deployments. I claim this is undesirable.

Many of us use Polygon or Avalanche Aave in order to reduce transaction fees. Gas is prohibitively expensive for small actors, so if all Aave governance is done from Ethereum Mainnet, then small actors are excluded from participating.

I see two main ways this could happen:

  1. Each chain where Aave is deployed is governed by Aave holders on that chain.

  2. The governance of Aave as a whole is agnostic to which chain the Aave holders are using.

Thank you for correcting my misconceptions! Seems like my proposal is irrelevant. I’ve edited the original post and added a screenshot of where the misconception came from.