Proposal: Persist Voting Power for AAVE tokens bridged to Polygon

Currently, if you bridged your AAVE tokens from Ethereum layer 1 to Polygon, they have 0 voting power in AAVE governance. In my case, I bridged my AAVE tokens to Polygon to deposit into AAVE polygon. I did not realize that having the AAVE tokens on polygon would nullify their voting power.

It is understandable that votes will stay on Layer 1 for the time being, but layer 1 is able to see your token holdings on Polygon.

The proposal is simple: Allow the AAVE governance system to determine voting power by looking at AAVE token holdings on both Layer 1 and on Polygon.

Current voting power with my AAVE tokens that are bridged to Polygon:


this is quite difficult unfortunately. There is no way that the L1 governance can track tokens used on L2s or sidechains. The best that can be done right now is that the bridge allows to delegate to some entity (a community multisig?) the voting power on L1, and the multisig will vote following the outcome of a snapshot vote on Polygon.