Proposal: Update SNX LTV

The SNX LTV on AAVE still reflects the old 750% collateral ratio on mintr - this has now been updated to 500% on mintr, and SNX has continued to demonstrate a strong history of price performance which should reflect an LTV higher than 15% on AAVE in my view.

Propose to move the SNX LTV to 25%.


I personally support this proposal. SNX has demonstrated strong growth and the ability to act as a great foundation of the system. With the governance V2, the snx community can gather proposition power and submit the proposal pretty easily since it’s just a risk configuration adjustment.

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Hi @gyoung

I agree. The Synthetix has grown since the LTV calibration with an overall decrease in collateralisation requirements on the native ecosystem

The Risk Framework places SNX at C+ among the riskiest asset. This means the risk parameters can be increased but should remain conservative leading to the recommendation

  • LTV 25%
  • Liquidation Threshold 45%

It seems your post is a governance Aave Request for Comment to gather community feedback and support for the proposal. You could call it ARC and if you add a poll you will just need enough proposal power to submit an official Aave Improvement Proposal AIP

Time to gather the community