Proposal: Update WBTC LTV

The AAVE WBTC collateral ratio is below MakerDAO level @75% LTV, as well as ETH on AAVE which is a more volatile asset. If there is discomfort with centralization risks surrounding WBTC this should not impact whether the asset receives a 60% or 75% LTV - it is a binary outcome on whether WBTC fails entirely where the small LTV difference won’t matter.

Propose to align the LTV to 75% which is consistent with ETH and MakerDAO WBTC levels.

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100% support this proposal .

wbtc is one of the least volatile assets in the crypto space

I would vote YES for this. WBTC liquidity is large and has proven to be a safe market.

Hello guys, the WBTC LTV in Aave V2 is 70%, following the updated currency risk assessment and the gauntlet analysis on liquidations. Aave V1 parameters shouldn’t probably be changed anymore since the ecosystem target is to migrate everything to V2 pretty soon

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