Refinance loan from compound (other money markets) to Aave


I have my loans in Compound but with Aave v3 looking to move it to Aave, but can’t do it manually as not enough extra collateral to cover the movements.
So flashloans should help. Is there a script or tool out there? I heard instadapp is option, but can’t figure out step by step.

Btw, there is script to refinance from compound to abracadabra using flashloans.

Hey @skyzer you have to first create an Instadapp account and import your Compound position into Instadapp.

this will refinance your loan from Compound and bring it to AAVE v3. Your position will be accessible through the AAVE portal on Instadapp. You can also use our multi-chain service to migrate to AAVE v3 on Polygon or AAVE v3 on Avalanche.

You can also utilize simulation mode and try these steps out and play around with the platform before you commit to pay the gas fees