V2 issues. Previous topic closed. So cannot reply there

I have an issue with an old loan on v2 which i described here. I was told to simply close it. Yet the issue is that its impossible to repay the loan or to deposit new TUSD in order to reapy. Hence im stuck with the loan until im liquidated. Can someone help please?

Maybe @EzR3aL - i cannot shoot you a dm or reopen the previous topic

You can repay your loan with another asset.
Otherwise i recommend checking out the docs here Frozen Markets and Reserves - FAQ (aave.com) and if you need further help to go to the AAVE official discord and ask there for guidance, as this forum serves as a place for communication within the DAO. Only follow official links and be careful when people try to DM you.

For repayment you don’t need to supply (as you repay with the underlying).

The alternatives you have are:

  • repay with collateral which I assume should just work
  • swap debt… I’m not 100% sure if aave companies (who maintains the decentralized interface) ever implemented full functionality. Therefore if you are already close to liquidation you cannot swap debt - the alternative is supplying some other collateral so your position is healthy enough for the other swap path.