Request: Who should speak at the next community call?

Hi everyone!

The next community call for Aave Grants DAO will be on September 14th at 4:00pm UTC.

I am planning the agenda and would love the community’s input on who should be a speaker. This is a great chance for the community to hear about a specific proposal, project, or team. Let me know below who you would like to hear from and I will do my best to get them lined up.


To give community members an idea for potential speakers in September, here is a link to the previous Community Call in late May. Hosted by Shreyas Hariharan with a free NFT to boot for all viewers, speakers included Stani Kulechov, Emilio Frangella, state.eth, Chainlink God, Fred (Arbitrum), Alexis Masseron (L2P Finance), Avi Meyers (Flipside), Sandeep Nailwal (Polygon) and Alok Vasudev (Standard Crypto).

It was a tight format, all done and dusted in 52 minutes … :+1:

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Great idea! Thanks Neal. Here is the agenda from the call in July as well (recap here):

  • Opening remarks by @ StaniKulechov
  • Aave Grants DAO updates by @ HelloShreyas
  • Overview of 4 projects from Aave Grants DAO: DeFiAlliance, Boardroom_info, FlipsideCrypto, SymphonyFinance
  • Unanswered high priority Aave RFPs by @inkymaze
  • Technical updates by @The3D
  • Governance updates by @statelayer
  • Update on liquidity mining by @santiagoroel and @anjan_vinod
  • Update from Ampleforth by @brandoniles
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In Gauntlet’s communication plan detailed in our Dynamic Risk Parameter ARC we committed to monthly recaps in the forum but also community call participation should that be of interest.

We will be posting a monthly recap in the forum the week of Sept. 13th regardless but please let me know if the community would like to here from us for a few minutes on the call.


Hi @0xbilll, if he was willing to do so, it would be great to hear from someone regarding the Aave / Harmony collaboration. The proposal has considerable interest / momentum and it would be good to get an update in person, rather than just in topic replies.

I’m thinking @li-jiang or @giv here, but I don’t want them to feel like they’re being frog-marched into it!


I think that is a great idea. I will pencil Gauntlet in for now and confirm with you next week once all the requests are in.

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Hey everyone! My name is Max and I work for the Backd protocol. Backd, an Aave grants recipient, is a new type of DeFi protocol that deploys reactive liquidity pools. Backd enables users to simultaneously earn yield and Backd rewards while protecting their Aave loans from liquidation.

How this works is users can provide liquidity on Backd (which is deployed to yield-farming strategies) and then register their Backd liquidity to their Aave loan. If the registered loan becomes at risk of liquidation the Backd protocol shifts the user’s liquidity from yield farming over to their collateral to prevent or mitigate liquidation risk.

We will by launching on Ethereum mainnet soon and would love to come onto this community call! Would be a good opportunity to share with the Aave fam how they can use Backd to optimize their borrow positions👍


Hey @Neal, thanks for your support and yes we (@giv and I) will for sure join the Sep 14th community call. Looking forward to talking to the Aave fam!

We proposed to launch Aave on Harmony (see the link below). Our team will put all of our engineering and community resources behind it and bring new users to Aave.

Until then, rAave on :slight_smile:


Very kind of you @Neal - I’d love that :slight_smile:


Hey @0xbilll, we’re releasing a vote lending market on Aave this month ( and would love to give a chance to let the Aave community voice their concerns on the topic and showcase the guardrails we’ve built.

More info here : Paladin Protocol – Medium

Kovan Testnet here : Paladin

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I wonder if @coderdan or his team would want to come on to talk about Aavegotchi.


I’m sign up for reply this thread

  • Aave socia media platfrom
  • What is “PurpleSky” ?
  • Aave and Arbritrum
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Hi @Oxbilll,

I would like to suggest Manan Patel (Growth Lead of Ocean Protocol) to speak at the next community call. There was a lot of positive community interest when Bruce Pon (Ocean Co-founder) reached out to Aave late last year and I am sure the community would love to hear from Ocean again, to refresh and reignite interest in forming a collaboration.

Many thanks! :smiley:

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Thanks @Neal
We are very interested participating in community call and sharing our ideas and vision on value Ocean can bring to Aave and how both our communities can mutually grow together.

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We’d be honored! That’s midnight for me but happy to burn a bit of midnight oil for Aave fam :rocket:

Hi @0xbilll, have the speakers for the next community call been finalised yet?

@innoprenuer from OceanProtocol is hoping for a spot.

Many thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @0xbilll could you share the agenda for today’s community call or confirm if we got a slot today?

hi all, apologies dropped the ball keeping this thread updated.

agenda was announced on Twitter here:

some folks are sticking around after for an AMA, how about you join that so you can be included this time around?

Sorry @0xbilll , couldn’t make it after the call. My calendar didn’t have availability. Had I known, I could have kept a slot open. Nevertheless, we would like to participate and present in the next community call if possible.

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Thanks to everyone who participated — it was great to listen about all the progress going on in the ecosystem!