Research Survey on DAO Participation Motivation

Hi Aave Community!

Answer this survey please:

I am a researcher from the University of Bern in Switzerland (my Institute contact Link). As part of my research for a theoretical framework on: “What Motivates DAO Participants?” I am conducting a survey on participation in DAOs. The goal of the research is to investigate the driving motivational factors of DAO participants (like you) in order to help DAO communities improve the participation motivation of their members. If you have a few minutes to answer a brief survey for this research, please follow this link:


Details on the survey:

  • All answers are anonymously recorded
  • The survey takes about 5-10 minutes with 20 single choice questions
  • As a thank you, I am giving away 10 Discord Nitro monthly subscriptions among all participants. The raffle is voluntary

I really appreciate any responses I may get from the community!
BR Demian Morf