Revenue sharing to $Aave token stakers

The #RealYield narrative is here to stay and investors are looking to put their money in tokens that could generate yield not through token inflation but another form of currencies such as $USDC or $ETH. So I propose that devs make $AAVE generate some form of #RealYield and distribute it to the stakers, in order to make the token a lucrative investment.

Sorry but this is such a stupid idea right now. Do you even know how much you would get right now if fees would be distributed? It will be cents. Not worth anything and this will also lead to drying the treasury. So no more support from Llama, Gauntlet, BGD or the aave companies themselves.

We are simply not there yet other protocol’s may be. But they are working completely different.

This is just an attempt to get the aave token into a narrative which is for most protocol’s not sustainable at all.

So your math and find out by yourself.