Rewards LEND / AAVE holders with generated UNI

Hello, since Aave has a Uniswap Market, and the fact that having UNI-v1 liquidity made you “farm” UNI without knowing it. The UNI-v1 token staying on Aave before the 1 septembre have generated some UNI that could be claimed.
We should consider rewarding the LEND / AAVE holders with those UNI tokens.
Tell me what you think about this proposal😁


Do you know how much UNI it represents?


On 0x1012cfF81A1582ddD0616517eFB97D02c5c17E25
It does represent 21’023 UNI
Approximately: 21023*5= 105’115$


Any ideas how distribution could work, holders from before a specific date, equal distribution?

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Will need to check how the claiming would work if it’s possible


Great idea, especially after getting clobbered today in this market! Would we use the wallet address that currently HODLs all our parked $LEND/AAVE?

I don’t know about this answer, I do think that the team will later answer our questions

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Yes I agree! It is a good idea no matter how they decide distribution to HODLers of $LEND/AAVE. Always nice to receive an unexpected Thank you after HODLing a token/coin since 2018 ICO and continuing to stack more throughout the years. Aave is a top-notch platform and deserve all the glory in this DeFi space. :+1:


Maybe even better, rewarding all AAVE stakers in the safety module


Hello Stani, I know that you’re working really hard to make the token swap and the V2 become a reality, but have you checked?

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Any updates on this?

Perhaps they could be rewarded to AAVE stakers?

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I think the Uni rewards should be put into the aave staking pool get more people staking more people voting . Maybe convert UNI rewards to buy lend and migrate . Then put the Aave into the Aave pool and distribute with current rewards monthly .


Great perspective! I say yay:) How can this come up for a Governance vote?

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