Save the Lend tokens that are stucked in the Lend contract

I also unfortunately sent my LEND tokens from my Binance account to the LEND contract address losing access to them. Obivously my own fault but I would really appreciate if the community could help and rescue these funds.


Hey Nathane, you can express your thoughts here Community Sentiment Poll : Asset Rescue Mission

Can this community hurry up and make a successful vote to rescue our tokens stuck in the migration contract? Of course aave would be going up while our tokens are stuck in limbo.

I want someone to give me a contact number so i can talk to a live human about this unfortunate issue if possible

We heard your voice and the subject is being talked @husfam31
It is obvious everyone is in favor of a rescue mission for tokens stucked in contract. Nonetheless you will probably need a bit of patience before final solution.

hi everyone,
A friend of mine has also a problem of token sent to the SM but it’s a bit different.
Like a good noob he is and don’t ask me how, he sent some aYFI to the aLend smart-contract.
Here is the tx hash :
Aave team do you think a rescue mission of this type is possible?
He will be happy to pay some rewards to devs or to the community to get his coins back!
Let me know.


I have sent my 632 LEND loans to the contract address by mistake, please help me to get back my ddress tokens specified by coinmarketcap AAVE token address: 0x7Fc66500c84A76Ad7e9c93437bFc5Ac33E2DDaE9 I have possibility to recover them.


I totally agree for the rescue mission as I am in the same situation where my Lend is also locked in transaction harsh: 0x80fb784b7ed66730e8b1dbd9820afd29931aab03
I also suggest a bounce back function to avoid this happening to many.

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Same happened to me, even if it’s only about 120$ I’d love to rescue my lend sent to aave address…

Hi guys, last week I transferred some of my Aave Lend Tokens from my Ledger Nano to my account at the Liquid Exchange. According to Etherscan (I have a copy) the transaction was a success and the tokens were transferred ok. The problem is they never arrived, I have now spoken to Liquid’s customer support but they have told me that they don’t accept Aave Lend Tokens only Aave New and that’s why I never received them. Is it possible to retrieve these tokens or have they been permanently lost???

How long will the refund process take? When will we get our coins back?

Hey, Stani mentioned in the other thread that withing month or two

I vote to save the stuck tokens. I messed up by sending my Lend-AAVE tokens from Binance to Coinbase before migrating to AAVE. I realized it to late to cancel the contract transaction, now my Lend-AAVE tokens are stuck in the contract. Please help us resolve the issue of stuck in Etherscan IO Blockchain. It show success, but of course they are stuck. Totally my fault, but I should not have to lose my tokens.
TXID - 0x49625c416b14140c18dcd022a5b68f1171c05f37e9a828ecb8ffdd6b0b6311d8

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Now working on a way to save these tokens locked in the AAVE & LEND contracts. Will keep you folks posted- there’s a whole lot lost in there.


Big thanks to you @Zer0dot, we all appriciate it :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi my situation is that i send my AAVE token from Eidoo wallet to Binance trough QR scan but find that my AAVE token have been directed to the AAVE smart contract. Just to share my situation hoping you will solve the problem in the future.
Thank you

Thank you for the update. I can’t wait

Hello, my name is Harrison and I sent you a support ticket request message on your website for a transaction mishap on my part that ultimately led to sending some aave token to the aave network instead of my girlfriends wallet. I was told I might have some luck as long as the tokens weren’t deposited into an open account, which I doubt happened. For some reason when I copied the address I left off the last 6 letters/digits. I’m sorry and I really would appreciate any help in trying to retrieve this currency… we’re in a real struggle right now and could use it for food… thank you…

The Tx Hash

Good Morning AAVE team,
Any update or progress on helping us retrieve our lost or stuck Lend-AAVE tokens?

Hey, that was the latest update from @Zer0dot in the parallel thread