Help me please(wrong address)

I accidentally transferred my AAVE coin to the AAVE contract address from my metamask wallet.
Could you please send the money back?
Here is the information of the transaction.

i am sorry for your loss but at this point the community has to decide whether they want to restore your Aave or not. Unfortunately i guess nothing will happen as the amount is just to little and the proposal itself would be way more expensive than the restored value itself.
Just to be sure in the future, always double check where you are going to send your funds to.


It is little money for you however, it is big money for me. It is not just me transferring the money by mistake.
You can raise an issue for people who made a mistake transferring.
Please help


Hey Jin, you are in the wrong thread, the issue has been raised and is worked on for a long time now

here is the first

and then there is second thread made by Marc @MarcZeller from the genesis team, it is closed for now but is supposed to be reopened when AIP is ready

@Zer0dot is activly working on it now

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