Save the Lend tokens that are stucked in the Lend contract

Excellent news I hope the solution arrives soon​:raised_hands::pray:

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Hi Rama , have you heard any news/progress about this topic on your side ? Do you really think it will happen a day ?

Hey Joms, take a look at new thread.

Our issue is included in the development process. So hopefully it will resolve soon.

I don’t know. I Hope that this problem Will resolved.

Hello everybody. As probably some of you know, from today, BGD Labs is officially onboarded as a contributor on the development side of the Aave ecosystem.
We have published a first summary of what is coming during the next weeks and one of the items will be proceeding with the rescue of tokens locked on smart contracts of the ecosystem.
You can find more information HERE, but during this week we will publish a more detailed update for this specific task, and what actions are required from people involved.


The details of the Phase 1 of the rescue (affecting LEND tokens sent to LEND contract amongst others) have been published on BGD. Rescue of tokens locked on Aave. Overview and Phase 1.
Please, leave your comments on that thread from now on if there is any question.

A proposal in need to resolve.

Hi Zer0dot,

I’m checking in to see if there is a solution to this yet! I accidentally send 5000 GUSD to this address and I could really use the extra funds right now. I have been patient on a solution and hope that this has been resolved by now. Any update? It could be just as easy as someone with the key to the contract sending the GUSD back to the wallet that sent it, no?

What about people with lost/stuck funds on Harmony AAVE?