[Temp Check] Aave V3 MVP Deployment on Neon EVM Mainnet

Hello Alex,

Great meeting you! I’ve previously heard about DeBridge and had a look at it. My renewed interest was sparked after going through the Uniswap Foundation Bridge Assessment Report. By ‘incomplete,’ I mean that, as far as I understand, the solution isn’t yet operational on Neon EVM. I might be mistaken, and if that’s the case, I apologize. This isn’t intentional. Even the head of growth and co-founder of AngelDAO mentioned a January launch but didn’t specify any dates.

Regarding Neonpass, I have some reservations about relying on it exclusively. It seems to be managed and developed by the Neon team, which, to me, introduces a centralization issue. Moreover, some sources describe it more as a transfer tool than a bridge. An article I read described NeonPass as: ‘Not a bridge connecting two separate blockchain ecosystems. Rather, it acts as a two-way transfer tool for bringing assets in and out of the Neon EVM platform, which itself is a Solana smart contract directly connected to the network.’ You can find the article here: NeonPass: Linking Solana and Neon to Support a Low-Friction EVM-Compatibility Solution | by Neon Labs | Neon Labs | Medium.

I brought up Wormhole and Axelar for several reasons, key among them being their success in passing the Uniswap Foundation Assessment. You can find a comprehensive summary of this assessment here: Summary of Uniswap Foundation's Bridge Assessment Report, in which DeBridge was also a participant. I’m hopeful that DeBridge will clear the future potential assessment and collaborate with one of the leading protocols in the space.

Additionally, in the last temperature check proposed by the Neon Foundation in 2022, it was indicated that Wormhole would initially be used for bridging. This proposal is detailed here: Deploy Aave v3 on Neon EVM Chain. It also mentioned the submission of a guardian proposal for Wormhole’s integration with Neon EVM, aiming to complete the technical integration by 09.12.22. I’m curious about the current status of this proposal. What became of it? If it didn’t go through, what were the reasons behind its failure?

In my research, I’ve come across various red flags that also require attention. The 2022 temperature check, initiated by the Neon Foundation, stated that the Neon DAO would be responsible for adding new operators to the whitelist, with plans to eventually remove the whitelist entirely. According to an article I found (What’s our status? Neon EVM RPC endpoints are available on Chainlist | by Neon EVM | Nov, 2023 | Medium), currently, there are only two operators: P2P and Everstake. This scenario creates potential centralization issues. The article does, however, indicate that going forward, the Neon DAO will review and accept applications from third parties qualified to provide Proxy Operator services.

Despite this, my search for information about the Neon DAO yielded only their documentation, which lacks details on their governance process: Neon DAO Organization | Neon Docs. I’m interested in seeing practical implementations in this area.

Regarding the operators, it’s notable that Everstake Capital was involved in the seed round funding of Neon EVM. I urge the team to provide clear information about their relationship with P2P and Everstake beyond their roles as merely operators.

I want to clarify my position regarding accusations that I’m attacking the team. My intention is simply to highlight the concerns and ‘red flags’ that have come to my attention. While I have indeed voiced reservations about the founders, my aim is not to pass judgment on the entire team. On the Neon Labs website, there are only 11 people listed, and my focus has been primarily on the CEO and CTO. This is because the founding team plays a crucial role in my research process. If necessary, I’m willing to extend my research to other C-level executives.

Given these concerns, I believe it’s imperative for the Aave community to thoroughly scrutinize these aforementioned issues and seek answers before committing any effort. With so many red flags and lack of clarity, I personally am not comfortable proceeding without a clearer understanding of these matters.

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